Combo Weapons - Lets turn this sword up to 11!

The history of weaponry is filled with many curious attempts to make things deadlier. Chad Arnow has written an excellent article on these combination weapons with great examples. Here is a link to the article:

The Savage Worlds system doesn’t cover these weapons so here are a couple of house rules to bring them into our game.

1. Combo weapons cost 1 ½ times more than the listed cost. They are only available in Urban/ metropolitan areas that would support a large number of craftsmen.

2. A combo weapon is defined as being a weapon with another smaller, secondary, weapon attached. As such, the weight and balance of its primary function is affected and the weapon is -1 to hit.

3. At this point in history the bayonet does exist but only in the early “Plug bayonet” version. Once inserted, the musket ,arquebus or matchlock can not be fired until the bayonet is removed. Socket type bayonets only exist as prototypes and are not available. A long gun with a bayonet does not receive the -1 penalty for affected weight and balance.

4. If an attacker has a combo weapon that is loaded and successfully makes an attack with a Raise, they may chose to fire the secondary weapon as well. This is an automatic hit and the damage may Ace as usual. (If this turns out to be over powering I will switch it to 2 Raises instead of 1.)

Combo Weapons - Lets turn this sword up to 11!

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