Savage Kane

The Fight in the Hoia Baciu Forest Continues 2

Suleiman’s aim is true and the grotesque creature standing above the unconscious Mavuto crumples to the ground. As Suleiman begins to prepare his next shot a crashing sounds erupts from the depths of the forest and before any man can act a sight out of the strangest fever dream burst forth from the trees neatly crushes the last standing creature nearest to Abdul. Suleiman’s mind reels as recognition dawns that he has finally found what he has so long sought – proof that the Supernatural exists! Proof that the World is deeper and darker than Man cares to admit and true Power might be attained by delving into that Darkness. Before him stand the legs of a giant bird thrice the span of any man and perched atop a small cottage. From the ravings of a mad Armenian in Constantinople to the dark depths of the great libraries of Christendom Suleiman followed the trail to this infernal forest. And now the truth of this moment crashes into him like the waves of the ocean. This then is the Hut of the Great Babba Yaga and never again will Suleiman’s world be the same.

Almost as counter point to the racing thoughts in Suleiman’s mind, the great legs squat and the cottage comes crashing down to the ground barely missing the shocked and near gibbering Abdul. When the dust settles the cottage sits in the glade as if it had always been there. Dim but inviting light glows in the small windows along each wall though nothing of the interior may be see through them. As Suleiman’s stands barely breathing, the small door in the front of the cottage opens slightly, spilling a slash of light across the forest floor.



“Abdhul, attend to Mavuto,” Suleiman mumbles off-handedly as he dazedly wanders into the hut…


The air in the queer abode is hot and thick with the smoke from many candles, lamps and brazers haphazardly scattered about the densely cluttered interior. You have a nagging suspicious that the inside of the hut is bigger than the outside. But the space is filled with too many tables, shelves and cupboards to know for sure. As you make your way though the maze of objects both macabre and mundane, you hear voices muttering to each other. Finally you find yourself approaching the hearth of this disquieting menagerie. At a table beside the fireplace sits a creature who would be the embodiment of the Old Crone, if Old Crones stood half a span taller than any man. She sifts through the entrails of a deer on the table before her, ignoring your presence. As you watch her work you realize that the voices you heard previously are all coming from her as if three different individuals existed in the same body.

“So far have you come small one only now to grow mute as the Dead?”
Babba Yagga turns to you, her cold eyes gleaming like a serpents.

“Come close small one and show Us the thing that calls”.

With a grace that belies her ancient appearance Babba Yagga lunges at you and grasps the stone amulet at your neck in a gnarled and wrinkled hand while pressing the cold blade of a knife against your cheek with the other.
“And tell us, to whom does it Call?”


“I…I am Suleiman al-Aydin…” he stammers uncertainly. Then, snatching the heretofore forgotten amulet draped from her acquisitive grasp, chest puffing with newfound resolve: “Favored pupil of Ahmad al-Zeki!”


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