Savage Kane

Alejandro Cesar Rodriquez escapes his cell

The second guard crumples to the ground, his life blood spilling from a ragged wound to the throat. The tunnel leading from the cell is empty but for the sputtering torches along the wall. As you make your way out into the open night you find the ruins lit by many torches and braziers but otherwise empty. It seems there are few people here to notice that the guards have not finished their task of fetching the next sacrifice. The question stands before you; Stay and learn what you may with the possibility to be recaptured or flee into the night and pray to find Succor before the horrors of the Jungle claim your Body and Soul.



Alejandro looks quickly about to see if anyone is about, and he quickly checks the guards to look for any weapons/gear that might be usable . Finishing that he mutters a quick prayer and looks for the quickest way into the jungle heading for the direction I think the coast might be in.


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