Savage Kane

Initiative for Hoia Baciu Forest fight


I decided to give your henchmen individual cards since there is only the two of us in this. WHen there are more PC’s involved henchmen will act on your card as the game rules state.


So do we need to roll for fear effects are do we start melee?
Abdul made his fear effect and will club one w/the butte of the musket.
If Mavuto isn’t rabbiting, he’ll attempt to run one thru with a tent pole.
If Suleiman isn’t a-scaird, he’ll draw his pistol and fire.


Yes every character who missed the Guts roll at the beginning should have made a Vigor roll to determine if they suffer the -1 penalty for this encounter. Sorry, I missed that, just roll it on their initiative turn. Each character who missed the Guts roll starts as Shaken and has to make a Spirit roll on their initiative to determine if they can act this round. Those who miss this Spirit roll can only make a Move action at half their Pace. Those who pass can take any action. These creatures have a Parry of 5 and a Toughness of 5. If Abdul lands a blow with the butte of the musket Roll the damage as Str+d8. Treat Mavuto’s tent pole as a staff Str+d4. For Sulieman, drawing a weapon is an Action so if you want to draw and attack that will have the Multiple action penalty of -2.

We will deal with Suleiman’s new Major Phobia after this combat.


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